MLB The Show 21: Baserunning Controls

Baseball is a sport that values speed and how quickly you can get to the base.  It is important how fast you can run up to the base, how well you know how to slide, and how good your hit timing is. But with all those stats there’s one thing people don’t often think about: baserunning controls.  MLB The Show 21 has so many new controls for this part of baseball it might feel overwhelming at first or like too much information on what button does what when running bases. And with all these different buttons and joystick movements it’s easy to forget which one does what!

How to Turn Off Baserunning in MLB The Show 21

To do this, you’ll need to go into the settings. From there, select “Gameplay” and then “Baserunning.” From there, simply uncheck the box that says “Enable Baserunning.” This will keep your players from running on their own, so you’ll have to control them manually.

How do you control the baserunner once he’s on base

The baserunner controls are accessed when you press the R1 button. The LP stick will control how fast your baserunner starts running, how high he jumps over the base, how high he slides into the next base, how soon he gets up after sliding, how far away from the base he runs after getting back up, how much time he wastes before the runner on third scores, and how far away from home plate he is when running to try to score. These controls are crucial in order for you to get your runner on third home!

What are some of the different ways to steal a base

There are a few different ways to steal a base.

  1. The hit and run technique. A player on first will take off running straight towards second, while the batter lays down a bunt in front of home plate.
  2. Another way to steal a base is by sliding into it. This is how you would typically do it if there wasn’t somebody on first or somebody on third.
  3. Yet another way to steal is with the classic pick-off move. The pitcher throws the ball towards first but he throws it so it looks like he’s throwing to second or third instead– this forces runners on first or second to scramble back to their bases otherwise they’ll be thrown out!

How can I improve my speed and agility as a player

To improve your speed, agility, and reaction time, there are several things you can do.

First, focus on how well you can do these three things at once.

Second, to get better reaction time try reacting to how quickly the ball moves.

Third, to get better reaction time set a timer for how quick you want to react and then press start when the ball reaches that point.

What does it mean when I’m “on deck” or “up to bat” 

When you’re “up to bat” this means you’re currently at bat and the ball is in play. The term “on deck” means that you are the next batter up and will be batting soon. This can also mean that you are the player who is currently up to bat and about to finish their turn. So “on deck” usually means you’re either the next batter to come up or about to be the batter currently in play.


MLB The Show 21 is a complicated game to play, with many new controls that are hard to learn  how they work. Fortunately, there are ways of turning off baserunning in MLB The Show 21 if you’re looking for some relief from the stress.  These controls are important to know how to use in order to score runs, and with a little practice you’ll be stealing bases like a pro in no time!

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